High Quality Natural Pearls Chinese Herbal Vaginal Tampons Yoni Detox Pearls

High Quality Natural pearls Chinese Herbal Vaginal Tampons Yoni Detox PearlsProduct Description:Main IngredientsLightyellow Sophora Root, Golden Cypress,Wild Chrysanthemum Flower,Dragon\'s Blood,Stiff Silkworm,Common Cnidium Fruit and borneol Specification0.93g/pearl    1pearl/sachetFunction1.For female

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High Quality Natural pearls Chinese Herbal Vaginal Tampons Yoni Detox Pearls

Product Description:
Main IngredientsLightyellow Sophora Root, Golden Cypress,Wild Chrysanthemum Flower,Dragon's Blood,Stiff Silkworm,Common Cnidium Fruit and borneol 
Specification0.93g/pearl    1pearl/sachet
Function1.For female vagina caleanness, effectively removes the rubbish and toxins of metabolism in vagina and the uterus.
2.Detoxification and bacteriostasis. Maintain an acidic internal vaginal environment. 
3.Impove microcirculation, Eliminate skin's color spot, make skin smooth, white and elastic recovery.
4.Return to normal levels of estrogen, regulating menstruation, effectively impovementstrual pain, lumbardebility and other symptoms.
5.Effectively inhibit growth of bacteria and fungi, suitable for women daily disinfection and health care.
Usage1.Wash your hands and yoin gently.
2.Tear up the foil pouch, and take out the vaginal anti-bacterial pearl.
3.Wear the sterile glove on your forefinger, and squeeze anti-bacterial pearl with your forefinger and thumb.
4.Push the pearl into vaginagently, make sure the end of tail is left out of the vagina.
5.After 48h, gently pull the tail line and take the pearl out of the body, dissolve one effervescent tablet into warm water and wash the yoni.
1.This product is for external use only, do not take orally; Should be used under the guidance of the consultant.
2. In strict accordance with the manual use, do not arbitraril raise lotion concentration. Vulva and anus place don't directly use the original effervescent solution(A solution without dilution).
3.Pregnant women, nursing mothers, anemia, and low platelets syndrome patients with malignant tumor were banned.
4.Do not use it during the period of menstruation . 4 days after the menstruation over can be used.
5.Prohibit sex when using, take it out three hours before sex, and only can be used after three hours of sex.
6.Keep out of reach of children .
7. Not applied for prevention of venereal disease.
Attention1.Four days after a clean period of menstruation, start to use.
2.Normally, after use one pearl set, interval time is 24h,then use next set.
Shelf Life  24months
Samples Available

High Quality Natural Pearls Chinese Herbal Vaginal Tampons Yoni Detox Pearls

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High Quality Natural Pearls Chinese Herbal Vaginal Tampons Yoni Detox PearlsHigh Quality Natural Pearls Chinese Herbal Vaginal Tampons Yoni Detox Pearls

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