Pure Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Extract Inulin 80%~95% HPLC

Jerusalem artichoke extractBotanical Source: Helianthus tuberosusCAS No.: 9005-80-5Specification:  Inulin 80%~95% HPLCPart Used: TuberFunctions:Increasing human bifidobacterium and adjusting gastrointestinal functionEnhancing immunity functionReducing blood sugar and cholesterolImproving the fat metabolism and losing weight

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Jerusalem artichoke extract

Botanical Source: Helianthus tuberosus
CAS No.: 9005-80-5
Specification:  Inulin 80%~95% HPLC
Part Used: Tuber

Increasing human bifidobacterium and adjusting gastrointestinal function
Enhancing immunity function
Reducing blood sugar and cholesterol
Improving the fat metabolism and losing weight

As the raw material of drugs for insulin, it is mainly used in pharmaceutical field
As the natural functional edible polysaccharide, it is mainly used in health product industry
As the raw material of low energy health food, it is mainly used in cosmetic industry
Widely used in food, beverage, ice cream and health care products, medicine.
Analysis ItemsSpecificationsResultsTest Methods
AppearanceFine White PowderConformsVisual
Odor & TasteCharacteristic, slightly sweet WhiteOrganoleptic
Bulk Density35-45g/100mlConformsASTM D1895B
Mesh SizeNLT 98% through 80 MeshConformsAOAC 973.03
Dispersibility in waterExcellent solubility in waterConformsVisual
Assay, dry basisNLT 90% Inulin90.11%FCC2000, HPLC
Dry Matters95% min.96.19%w/w, %
Soluble Dietary FiberNLT 90%ConformsFCC2000, HPLC
Glucose, Fructose, SucroseNMT10%7.47%FCC2000, HPLC
Loss on DryingNMT 4.5%3.45%5g /105ºC /2hrs
Insoluble ashNMT 0.2%0.19%FCC2000
Carbohydrate contentNLT 95.5%97.16%FCC2000
PH value (10°Brix )5.0-7.05.6FCC2000
GMO StatusGMO FreeConforms/
Heavy MetalsNMT 5ppmConformsAtomic Absorption
Arsenic (As)NMT 0.5ppmConformsAtomic Absorption
Lead (Pb)NMT 0.3ppmConformsAtomic Absorption
Mercury(Hg)NMT 0.01ppmConformsAtomic Absorption
Cadmium (Cd)NMT 0.3ppmConformsAtomic Absorption
AflatoxinsNMT 0.2ppbAbsentUSP-HPLC
Sterilization MethodHigh temperature & pressure for a short time of 5~10 seconds
Microbiological DataTotal Plate Count<1000cfu/gComformsGB 4789.2
Total Yeast & Mold<50cfu/gComformsGB 4789.15
E. Coli  to be negativeAbsentGB 4789.3
Staphylococcus to be absentComformsGB 4789.10
Salmonella to be absentComformsGB 4789.4

Pure and Organic Erusalem Artichoke Extract Inulin 80%~95% HPLC
Pure and Organic Erusalem Artichoke Extract Inulin 80%~95% HPLC
Pure and Organic Erusalem Artichoke Extract Inulin 80%~95% HPLC
Pure and Organic Erusalem Artichoke Extract Inulin 80%~95% HPLC

*Herbal Extract
* Herbal oil
*Natural color
*Herbal powder
*Vegetable & Fruit powder
*Vitamin & Mineral
*Pharmaceutical Application
*Food Supplement Application

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