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2022-07-22 19:48:47 By : Mr. Ekin Yan

Written by Maria Margarita Barrios QuinteroGiving a green touch to our spaces brings many benefits.Some plants serve to purify the air, others to control the temperature and several give off a pleasant aroma.But if even plastic flowers perish in your hands, the appropriate thing is to start decorating your house with natural mini-plants.These adorable girls embellish environments and bring a nice touch of green indoors.Mini plants are very practical to care for;These are usually small succulents and cacti.Kitchen, living room, bathrooms, bedrooms... it doesn't matter where you decide to place these beauties.They look great in any space.Let's see what are the best tips for decorating with mini plants.The kitchen is the heart of the home.Some families spend many hours sharing this place.Therefore, it would not hurt to highlight the beauty of the space with a few succulents.For example, mini cacti can live in a warm and bright environment.The container is relevant.There you will unleash your creativity and manual skills.You can reuse old cans, small wooden boxes, glass jars, and even teacups.Try to choose succulents of different aspects.Does your kitchen have windows?The shelves next to them are ideal for decorating with mini plants.Or maybe a counter that is unoccupied.Keep in mind that you can personalize the containers with stickers and ribbons, achieving a very original composition.Also read: 5 benefits of having plants in the kitchenSeveral of the mini-plants can make an interesting table centerpiece to replace the classic vase of flowers.Thus, you can opt for a large ceramic, glass or clay container, for example.Inside it place several mini-plants of the same type or varied.To enhance its beauty, consider that you can cover the surface of the earth with white pearls.You just have to be careful that the base of the bowl is clean.When you decide to water, make sure there is good drainage and the area is dry, so as not to dirty the table cloth or glass.Use a plant as a bowl support.If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the living room is the central focus.It is not for less;there the guests are received.And this is where the mini plants can find their ideal place.Creativity plays an important role.How about creating a mini zen garden?You can make use of colored earth and design several layers in the glass bowl.It is possible to place your work on the tea table.Another option is to arrange them on the shelves in the room or make a vertical wall full of mini plants.The possibilities are wide;In the market you can buy porrones and materials that will help you with the style.Grow cacti in the bathroom?It may not have occurred to you before, but this is possible, despite the wet conditions.What matters most is that they receive a good dose of natural light, so discard this idea if your bathroom does not have windows.Arrange small plants on the sink counter or on some of the shelves in the place, but without overloading.Making yourself a magnetic board is another good option;there you can hang your plants just by sticking a small magnet on the jar.Air carnation is a plausible alternative if your bathroom lacks lighting and airflow.This plant, being an epiphyte, does not require soil and can adapt to the conditions described.On the other hand, it is known for its ability to absorb polluting particles from the air.The ideal would be to lean towards plants that have the ability to purify the air, absorb harmful substances and release oxygen at night.Sansevierias and aloes meet some of these characteristics, so you can bring them into the room.Simply place a few small vases on the nightstand or dresser.But if the plants go to your children's room, go for those that are free of thorns, such as Haworthias.There are those who have a desk at home to work or study and these spaces are very well decorated with mini plants.They provide an interesting air and help productivity, concentration and reduce stress.Discover: 6 ideal plants for a bedroomWhy buy plastic flowers for your house if they still lose their color and get ruined over time?Mini plants have many advantages.Compared to plastic ones, they renew their beautifully colored flowers and can even purify the air in your home.If we stop to think for a minute, they give you a lot with only one thing in return: some of your care.Keep these ideas in mind and make nature part of your family.Fear not, mini plants do not require much care.Learn which are the best indoor plants that are safe for your pets.You can enjoy your animals and vegetation.Written by Maria Margarita Barrios QuinteroSelect from the 0 categories from which you would like to receive articles.Better with Health Magazine on good habits and care for your health © 2012 – 2022 .All rights reserved.The contents of this publication are written for informational purposes only.At no time can they serve to facilitate diagnoses or replace the work of a professional.We recommend that you contact your trusted 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