A world of succulents in Bansalan - Mindanao Times

2022-08-19 19:45:29 By : Mr. Jack Wang

PLANTITOS and plantitas have become tourists in the new normal as they have found their way around new destinations, such as Erry’s Adenium and Cactus Farm in Bansalan, Davao del Sur, to satiate their craving for anything green and alive. 

Garden owner and longtime plant enthusiast Erry Navaja Navarro started his business of succulents and adenium back in 2014.

“I have always been a plant lover. I’ve been gardening since my elementary days,” he said. 

During his younger years, Navarro would even skip classes just to tend their garden at home. 

“Plants help me relax. Gardening is very therapeutic,” shared Navarro. 

Today, he has amassed around 300 rooted and grafted varieties of cacti, including moon cactus, sulco (chocolate, strawberry, green), snow cup, yavia, golden barrel, corn cactus, pulchra, opuntia, gymno, hamatu, copiapoa, rainbow, two-toned, wilcoxia, rat tail, t-rex, t-lux, asterias, crested brain, blue torch, red cathedral, among others, which he sourced from Thailand. 

He also has around 600 varieties of adenium (such as kalachuchi) in his one hectare garden in Barangay Union. 

According to Navarro, the price of his much sought-after cactus starts at PhP150 and can go as high as PhP25,000 to PhP30,000 depending on the size, variety, and rarity. 

During this pandemic, his garden has become even more popular as plant lovers have resorted to gardening as a means to de-stress. Local tour operators have also included his now-popular garden as part of their Davao del Sur tour itinerary. 

Entrance to Erry’s Adenium and Cactus Farm is PhP50 person. They also provide guides to help guests navigate the place.