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Does your mom always geek out about her plant babies and love spending her spare time gardening? If so, she is probably a plant lover with a green thumb. With Mother’s Day is around the corner, it can be a struggle to find something that will truly make her happy. Fortunately, getting a gift for a gardening or plant lover is easy because she will like anything related to her passion.

Depending on her space limitations, there are some plants that you can grow indoors with minimal care. Mini succulents come in a fantastic array of sizes, shapes and colors, and they will fit in any setting to improve the aesthetics of your indoor space. More than 60 plant families have succulents, so they’re perfect for creating your own mini garden.

If you want to indulge her obsession this Mother’s Day, we reviewed the most loved mini succulents of 2022.

The first mini succulent gift on our list is from Costa Farms. This pack of 25 succulents is hand-picked by expert growers and comes in different sizes, shapes and textures.

These two-inch plants can go anywhere, from window sills to the countertop or just on the table.

The containers feature tiny holes for water drainage to protect from over-watering. The best part is that the set contains succulents of eight different varieties with different colors, textures and shapes. Your mom won’t be able to take her eyes off of this amazing collection. Your plant whisperer mother will adore these succulents as well as their pots. The containers are made of 100% recyclable material, making these mini succulents the best of all for environmentally conscious moms.

Each plant is individually wrapped

If you want to give your mom a plant gift that still leaves her plenty of time for her gardening, get this set of miniature artificial succulents.

The package has four different varieties of succulents in different shapes and sizes to add charm to your mother’s indoor plant collection. These mini plants effortlessly create a pop of green, despite being small and faux.

The geometric design of each white glazed ceramic planter differs to add vibrancy and flair to your space while the faux plants sit in pebble soil. Your mother can elevate her interior by placing these attractive pots on the bookshelf, tabletop or window sill. These vibrant succulents will seem fresh for months and years without requiring any pruning or watering.

No watering or sunlight required

Adds minimal elegance to space

If your mother wants to add more plant decor to her home, these faux yet realistic-looking succulents will make an ideal gift for her.

The plants are made of durable and long-lasting green plastic and the flocking coating makes them look realistic.

The package includes 11 different artificial succulents which can be used to decorate a wreath, planter or terrarium. They can also be placed in small pots to decorate shelves and rooms, making them perfect for home decor. Your mother will love this little addition to her plant realm since it needs no maintenance while adding more green to any space. Unlike many other artificial succulents, reviewers praise these for looking and feeling real.

Works as a party decoration

Between 2-3.33 inches wide and 2.2-3.54 inches tall

This option is another great gift choice! This pack of 16 mini succulents of different varieties and shapes is made of high-quality plastic with a flocking coating to give each faux plant a lifelike appearance.

These are durable and will last a lifetime. The beautiful shapes and assorted colors will add life to the aesthetics of any space.

If your mother is a plant whisperer but already has a huge collection of outdoor plants, these faux succulents make a great gift for her indoor collection. The best part? Since they’re faux succulents, she won’t have to spend any time watering, pruning, fertilizing or weeding, leaving her plenty of time to care for all her beloved real plants.

Faux latex for a realistic look

Some gardening enthusiasts might not adore faux plants.

If you know your mother loves spending time with real plants and isn’t fond of the environmental impact of plastic ones, you should get this set of 64 different live succulents for her. The set contains many eye-catching varieties, featuring enticing foliage and flowers that are perfect for adding more life and color to her indoor space.

These succulents look exotic and are hard to kill because watering once a week is more than enough. In addition to being low maintenance, these plants can thrive in both cactus and succulent soil. You don’t have to worry about the plants being damaged during shipping because they arrive fully rooted in two-inch succulent pots. The best part is that the package includes care instructions, making it ideal for beginner gardeners as well.

For indoor and outdoor setting

Comes fully rooted in the soil

Want to get something for your busy but plant-loving mom this Mother’s Day? Perhaps a plant that almost looks after itself? Succulents are a perfect choice. Most plant shops have an extensive range of interesting and easy-to-care-for mini succulents to ensure your mom’s passion is represented both outdoors and indoors.

If you’re wondering what to look for when purchasing mini succulents, we prepared this detailed buying guide that explains the ins and outs of succulents, how to choose the right ones and how to care for them.

Succulents and cacti are often mixed in plant stores, displays and planters (think succulents and cacti bowls). Succulents are drought-tolerant plants that grow quickly and make excellent houseplants. Almost all mini succulents have dense fleshy sections where water is stored. On the other hand, cacti are distinguished from succulents by the presence of external spikes and the absence of leaves.

An easy way to tell the difference? If the plant is thorny, it’s most likely a cactus. If it’s smooth, mushy or hairy, it’s most likely succulent.

While aloe vera is the most popular form of aloe, there are many more varieties to choose from. Many of them have colorful leaves that greatly contribute to their beauty. If given adequate light, they may also grow tall branches of vividly colorful blooms.

With a vast selection of big and tiny types, the agave species offers plants for both indoor and outdoor use. They provide lovely accents to all types of indoor and outdoor settings in warm regions. Most agave plants do not blossom when cultivated inside, yet their form and colors are stunning on their own.

There are approximately 1,400 distinct species of crassula. The jade plant is the most prominent member of this group. With just one look at the leaves of this plant, you will understand why it was given that name. The crassula’s thick leaves grow in various forms, which is one of the plant’s most attractive features.

Echeveria’s rose-shaped leaf structure makes it a standout among mini succulents. This squishy succulent comes in pale green and light blue tones and has sufficient textural boldness to be grown alone or in a container with other mini succulents.

You will adore species of the euphorbia family if you prefer succulents that look like trees. These towering plants, which are sometimes confused with cacti, are also known as stem succulents. The tall, slender euphorbias are mainly found in arid environments.

Most gasteria are South African natives with broad, tongue-like leaves. As with other succulents, they want well-drained soil and their petals are stomach-like in appearance. That is how they received their title: stomach flowers.

Aloe and gasteria are related to these South African natives. Haworthia grow alone or in clusters and produce charming tiny rosettes. Due to its elegant striping, this plant is commonly referred to as a zebra cactus.

This lovely mini succulent’s leaves are fingerlike and have soft colors, including gray-green and powder-blue. Senecio is a nice succulent to blend with because of its thin leaf and evergreen growth pattern.

You should avoid purchasing a mini succulent that has been overwatered. The topsoil must be completely dry when you touch it. If you can’t check the soil before purchasing, check reviews or verify that the merchants are plant experts.

Mini succulent plant leaves should not be wilted or dried out in appearance. This indicates that the plant has been waterlogged.

When you return home from the plant store or farmer’s market, keep a box to put the mini succulents in. Since the soil should be extremely parched, the plant will easily fall out of the container. On the journey home, a box keeps the plant upright and prevents it from tipping.

Mini succulents require a bright, sunny location indoors. However, most mini succulents are tolerant and may flourish in ambient lighting, such as the kind found at your workplace.

Mini succulents are mostly native to arid climates and need a little water to thrive. You should water them once a week and be sure not to overwater. They need only enough to dampen the soil.

Mini succulents grow gradually and do not require nutrients like other plants that develop quickly. However, use a general-purple potted plant fertilizer in the spring and summer to provide essential nutrients to your mini succulents. Follow the package’s instructions and do not overfeed.

You do not usually have to trim succulents since they are sluggish breeders. If your mother already owns some, she might know that succulents require very low maintenance. You only have to trim any damaged or wilted leaves. Simply snap them from the plant or trim them with hand pruning shears.

Because mini succulents have limited root systems, they do not require frequent repotting. You may need to repot them once every two to three years to ensure that they have enough space around the roots to grow normally.

But how would you or your mom know when it’s time to replant a succulent? The good news is it’s easy to tell. Check if the plant’s roots have grown bigger to keep secure in its jar or if the roots have firmly packed the inside of the jar. Repotting mini succulent stems and leaves should be done with caution since they are water-filled but fragile and easily damaged.

Q: How do you choose a succulent that will thrive in your environment?

A: Choose a succulent with big, green leaves when you are out shopping. This is the most basic technique to determine whether or not the succulent you are choosing is healthy. The presence of brown, drooping or sagging leaves does not necessarily indicate that the plant is about to die; however, it does indicate that it has not been treated well.

Q: How can I keep my succulents a manageable size?

A: Your succulents may stay little for longer if you plant them in tiny pots and keep them in a dry, cool area. It will also help the plant stay mini if you water it less regularly and place it in the shade.

Q: Is it possible to keep succulents alive in a small container?

A: Mini succulents will last anywhere from just a few weeks to months, or even seasons, in small containers. It all depends on the species you are growing and how well you are taking care of them. As they continue to grow and expand, they will eventually outgrow the little container and need to be repotted.

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