38 Best Gift Ideas for Coworkers in 2022 - Coworker Gift Ideas

2022-08-26 19:55:46 By : Ms. Ailsa Wong

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Be the hero of your workplace with these cute and thoughtful presents.

For better or for worse, you spend a huge chunk of your day-to-day life with your coworkers. Whether you meet regularly in an office space or connect remotely, you collaborate on projects together, participate in the same meetings, and with any luck, develop a bond that also exists outside the hours of 9-to-5. Because you’ve grown to know and value them so much, when it comes time to purchase coworker gifts, you’ll want to get it right.

There are lots of different factors to consider when shopping for a gift for a colleague, or even a gift for your boss or superior — and the occasion for the gift is a good place to start. If it’s something as casual as a White Elephant party for the holidays, you may prioritize buying a gift that’s fun and inexpensive. On the other hand, if you’re celebrating a hard-earned promotion or choosing goodbye gifts for coworkers when leaving a job, it could be more appropriate to put the effort into finding a present that’s personalized or meaningful in some way.

It’s also worth keeping your relationship to the coworker in mind, since it’s natural that you’ll be closer to some more than others. If you’re shopping for a holiday gift for a colleague you’ve worked with for many years, you might have the same mindset as doing so for close family or friends. Alternatively, if you’re just getting to know this person, there’s nothing wrong with opting for something that’s primarily functional or somewhat generic. This list has a mix of all of the above, so you’ll be one step closer to that employee of the month award (at least when it comes to gifting).

If you're lucky enough to have a coworker who doubles as a best friend, you know that the "work bestie" definition on this candle is entirely accurate. It comes in a variety of unique scents like Tropical Vibes, Old Library Books, and Woodland Trail, so you can choose one that feels fitting for the recipient.

No one likes meetings that could've been an email, but one way to make them more tolerable is with bingo. Previous customers write that these game cards were "a hit at a recent work event" and "a fun way to build teamwork during some of our endless meetings."

The candy jar on their desk just got a lot more interesting with this glass fixture that mimics a plastic zipper bag. Previous customers praised it as "a unique dish" that gets "a lot of compliments."

This eclectic way to store glasses is perfect for the coworker who can appreciate quirky desk accessories. The statuette is hand carved in India, and sales support underprivileged artisans there.

Purchasing a gift for your supervisor can be tricky, but this simple and stylish dried bouquet arrangement will be well-received by just about anyone. It looks just as good on an office desk as it does in a home, which makes it even more versatile.

With over 30 different designs and and colors to choose from, these paperweights can become a truly one-of a kind gift that they'll be proud to keep on their desk for years to come.

The text on this pin says it all. Give it to any and all phenomenal women you work with, and they can proudly wear it as a badge of honor on backpacks, sweaters, and more.

Regardless of whether there's a big occasion coming up, you may want to give this small token of appreciation to your cheerful colleague who can always be counted on to keep the mood light.

Modeled after clay created by art therapists, this dough is subtle enough that it can be used pretty much anywhere that they need relief from stress and anxiety, be it at the workplace or beyond.

Sometimes a card that will make them smile is the perfect gesture. You can write a thoughtful message inside, and throw in a gift card as well if you want to give a generous sendoff present.

The colleague who is constantly keeping everyone on schedule deserves a beautiful place to organize their own agenda. This planner comes in several lovely color schemes, plus the cover can be customized with their name or other text of your choice.

Dunder Mifflin devotees will get a kick out of this tote bag, which lists the ABC's of The Office references, and can serve as a fun way to get their belongings to and from work.

Chances are you've learned about the culinary skills of your coworkers based on their homemade lunches. This colorful lunch bag helps celebrate that, and will hopefully score you a chance at getting any leftovers.

For the coworker who can't live without their AirPods, this OtterBox case will help ensure they never have to. It offers 360-degree drop and scratch protection, and is precisely designed to fit perfectly onto this specific AirPods model.

If you work in medicine, you may want to find a gift that reflects the specialty of your field. These stethoscope tags come in your choice of metal, font, and customized text that they'll be able to carry around with them throughout their shifts.

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This sassy mug is a lighthearted gift that your departing coworker can take with them on their next adventure. It comes highly recommended from previous customers, who note that the shipping was "super fast" for last minute purchases.

If happy hours after work are a regular occurrence for your team, this canvas wine tote is very on brand. You can gift the bag on its own, or throw in their favorite bottle for an added present.

Sometimes you notice that your colleagues are going the extra mile to finish a big project or task, and these bath salts are a natural way for them to unwind afterwards. They offer muscle and joint relief, without artificial chemicals and ingredients.

BLK & Bold is a small business that donates 5% of all profits to supporting underserved communities and eradicating youth homelessness. It's a meaningful way to gift coffee and provide them with their caffeine boost for the day.

Sports chatter around the office means you probably know what baseball team they root for. These whiskey glasses come in sets of two, and feature the design of their favorite MLB stadium.

There are many reasons to celebrate fellow teachers, whether it's back to school time, the end of a school year, or the holidays. This personalized sign is handmade with wood, and comes with a stand so it can easily brighten up their desk.

This boxing set comes with a mini punching bag that can suction cup to a desk, as well as mini boxing gloves for their pointer fingers. Previous customers wrote that this was a hilarious gag gift for a white elephant party, or coworkers with a sense of humor.

This hand salve from Kiehl's offers maximum strength for severely dry hands. It's a practical gift for anyone exposed to harsh elements or heavy industrial labor as part of their job.

Make their desktop a little cozier with this carpet-like mousepad, which even comes with decorative fringe on the sides for added elegance.

If your budget allows, spring for this upscale desk organizer made from natural teak wood. It comes in several different sizes that you can choose from based on their storage needs.

With the ability to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours, and hot for up to 12 hours, Hydro Flasks are a practical gift for nearly everyone in your office.

This set of ten pencils comes with styles from pastel, to metallic, and holographic, but that's not even the best part. Each one is printed with a compliment to inspire confidence and self-love.

With this acrylic calendar and a wet erase marker, there's no limit to how many months they can keep track of. Previous customers wrote that this Star Seller's product is "beautiful and easy to put together," plus ships quickly and comes in great packaging.

The Echeveria succulent is beloved for its charming rosette shape. It only requires watering every 2-3 weeks, so it's one of the most low-maintenance plants you can gift.

Their business cards will look even more official when stored in this holder made of fine concrete with a polish finish. It's minimalist enough to appeal to all different tastes, and comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Even if your office doesn't have a fancy recreation room, that doesn't necessarily mean you can't play games there. This table tennis set fits most standard tables, so it can be set up practically anywhere.

If there's a restrictive dress code at your place of work, dress socks may be the primary place to show off some personality. These Bombas socks are available in several playful patterns, and come with built-in arch support and a cushioned footbed.

This Cookie Cravings Bundle from Sugarfina is sure to satisfy even the most impressive sweet tooth at the office. It comes with a chocolate bar plus chocolate covered truffles that will look pretty on their desk, until they get eaten that is.

Art aficionados will appreciate this puzzle from the Museum of Modern Art store. It was designed by Brooklyn-based artist Yoshiaki Ito, and is deceptively challenging to solve.

For a fun gift that will get a reaction out of your coworkers, these notepads are a safe bet. One previous customer writes, "It’s funny to leave a note on these for staff or VP’s. You will get a response!"

These highly-rated facial masks come in packs of 7, 14, and 21. You can purchase them for one coworker, or buy a larger set and distribute them throughout the office.

Coworkers who sit for long periods of time, or suffer from back problems, will appreciate this ergonomic cushion. It easily attaches to their chair and improves posture while alleviating pain.

This minimal desk accessory may look simple, but the possibilities for easy and accessible storage are endless. It's handmade from cork, for a look that's more natural than most office items.